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DTXSince its launch, DTX anvils has gradually expanded its sales after continuous optimization of several generations of products, and has become the favorite tool of a new generation of metal manual processors.
With high quality materials and long experience in the field of casting and heat treatment, we produce anvils and swageblocks with excellent properties. They possess high breaking strength, high hardness, wear and temperature resistance and anti-friction properties. We are especially proud of the DTX ANVILS & DTX SWAGE BLOCKs produced in our factory.

Our high-quality products can also be customized according to your design parameters, providing you with ODM/OEM processing services.
DTX anvils products adopt the design of modern anvil. It has a face with Rockwell hardness up to about 56 (HRC), a horn, a Hardie hole and one or two pritchel holes, which fully meet the blacksmith's requirements for anvil from the perspective of users.

At present, DTX's own specification products include six anvils of DTX-30LB,DTX-50LB,DTX-80LB,DTX-85KG, DTX-120KG, and DTX-180KG, and a 400*400*100(mm) swageblock. In the future, there will be matching bases and other related products.


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